Quote of the Day by George Smith

God is not matter; neither is nonexistence. God does not have limitations; neither does nonexistence. God is not visible; neither is nonexistence. God cannot be described; neither can nonexistence. – George Smith

Quote of the Day by savage beastie

The difference between theists and atheists is that theists believe in something, while atheists like us think something like “i think we evolved from primates(already been proven)” other than ” i believe in existence of god”. The only arguement a religous person can make is saying ethier ” you can’t disprove god” or ” your going to hell” over and over again! Right, i cant disprove god, but you cant prove him. Its like in science when if you dont know something then you deny it. If you didnt do that than you be confused and distracted by other questions while trying to focus on one subject. – savage beastie

Quote of the Day by Clarkey

Bobby just needed a textbook to tell him that the world is round; Sally needed Nasa pictures; Tim needed to become an astronaut and see it himself; Rachelle needed mathematical theorems. They all went to hell because the world was actually a pear. – Clarkey