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Literature written thousands of years ago is hardly enough for someone to base their very existance and entire reality upon surely. Does it really answer the unanswerableble it could be opinion -how could you ever be sure, what if there was a typo, or it was just an old novel. Im sure a lot of it all adds up but then so does Stephen Hawkings work. im talking of course of the Bible and many other religous texts. Will people be reading ‘star wars’ books thousands of years from now and worshiping George Lucas. It certainly wouldn’t suprise me. ??If there is a God whats the point of ze great big baffling universe we cant grasp- seems a waste of space(no pun intended) if it dosnt have a devine purpose? Id love to visit the Andromena galaxy but cant excell past the speed of light so ill just look at it and ponder seems pointless really. – Naes Lencalb

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