FD Lecture & Discussion Series

Freethought Dayton hosts a monthly lecture and discussion series. Here are some topics that have been presented and discussed in the past:

  • Atheism at the Air Force Acadamy
  • Non-hetrosexuality in Women
  • Free Will
  • Sex and God
  • Revival with Sam Singleton
  • Biological Research trip to Latin American
  • Human Evolution
  • A Tribute to Hitch
  • U.S. Drug Policy
  • Humanism
  • Death Penalty

Lending a hand

In 2011, a Freethought Dayton member’s farm structures were lost to a fire, including the barn and greenhouse.

Freethought Dayton was able to quickly mobilize some members to help with the daunting cleanup effort. Over a dozen people moved, hauled, sorted, loaded tons of debris and wreckage.

Make New Friends and Learn New Things

Freethought Dayton offers its members many opportunities for personal growth and for socializing with other freethinkers. We have a wide variety of meetup types: there are social events, member support groups, educational events, and events that are all about supporting the local community.

Here’s a listing of some of the types of meetups we host or participate in: Picnics in the Park, Freethought Dayton Lecture & Discussion Series, The Food Bank, Recovery Sunday, Pub Science, Highway Cleanup, Wright-Patt M*A*S*H (Military Atheists & Secular Humanists), Trivia Nights, Book Club (Monthly), Bleed & Feed (Blood Bank & Lunch at local diner), Support Group, Movie Nights, Car Pooling to Conferences (e.g. Skepticon), Habitat for Humanity, Game Nights, Campus Debates and Speakers, Light the Night! and other charitable fundraisers, Banquets with other local freethought groups, Seasonal Parties (e.g. Festivus, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, End of the World), and other events.