Quote of the Day by Thomas Harris

We take comfort in knowing that there is no god. That you are not enslaved in heaven, made to kiss god’s ass forever. What you have is better than paradise, you have blessed oblivion. – Thomas Harris

Quote of the Day by Robert

Yourall embarrassing: You could not be more wrong. I was brought up a Christian for many years. The Bible, properly read, is the greatest tool atheists have at their disposal. Feel free to believe in Jehovah, Yahweh, Jesus, Zeus, Wotan, Thor, Aphrodite, Posiden, Amon-Ra, Eku, or the Great Ju Ju of the mountain. Whatever makes you comfortable. There are countless others I have not mentioned here. None of these are any more real than Santa, the flying spagetti monster, the celestial teapot, or the invisible pink unicorn. There is an equal lack of evidence for all of them. The onus is on you to PROVE the existence of your invisible imaginary friend — not the other way around. – Robert