Quote of the Day by Robert G. Ingersoll

Is there an intelligent man or woman now in the world who believes in the Garden of Eden story? If you find any man who believes it, strike his forehead and you will hear an echo. Something is for rent. – Robert G. Ingersoll

Quote of the Day by Martin Williamson

Given that there are roughly 6 billion people on our planet, that there are 10 planets revolving our sun, that there are – on average – 40 billion stars in every galaxy and that there could be up to 500 billion galaxys in our universe I think that the idea that there is one, super powerful entity that sees and cares what you and me do is the most unimaginably absurd thing I will ever hear. – Martin Williamson

Quote of the Day by savage beastie

to the people who dont belive in evolution, just look at a primates skeletal structure, then compare it to a human’s skeleton. is that not evidence for evolution, or did god just run out of ideas. – savage beastie