Quote of the Day by Kaytea

Name one thing other then the existence of God that we take on blind faith. There’s nothing! Not a single thing. Not even the sun rising every day. I know its going to bethere, but thats something i can prove scientifically. Can I prove there is a God? No.You know what faith is? What religion is? It’s a cult. Who gives us religion? Our parents brainwash us when we’re four or five and most receptive to the fantastical ideas. We’re told we have to believe in God, so we do. I’ll ask you all again. What else do we believe in with blind faith? Well let me help you out. The last thing you believed in with absolute, unshakable convictionwas… Santa Claus. No matter how impossible it seemed, no matter how much evidence to the contrary, when youwere a child you wanted to believe, so you did. And as rude as the comparison sounds. Itsnot all that different from believing in the existence of God. They both go about their workwithout being seen. They rely heavily on the assistance of mythical creatures-elves in onecase, angels in the other. So how come you all dont believe in Santa now? Well because you grew up and realized how impossible the whole thing was. Santa Claus went from being a fact to being a real good story,one to pass on to your children. The same way your parents told you about God when you werea kid. Cant you see that God is a myth too? – Kaytea