Quote of the Day by Lauren-ashley Reimer

number2butthead@hotmail.comWhen you die god will tell you axactly what you have done wrong. Even Satan belives in god. More than anyone I think. I also think that even you can be saved. I am a christian and I love you even though you say you hate my god. My god will send his wrath upon you and when you meet him on judgment day you will believe but it will be too late for your soul. Yes GOD made atheists but he loves them no matter what their choices are. If god had our whole lives planned out for us we would be like little robots. God is the way the truth and the life. This statment is very strong, and so is mine. Listen to it. “JUST AS HE BREATHED THE BREATHE OF LIFE INTO OUR NOSTRILS HE CAN TAKE IT RIGHT OUT AGAIN.” We live in fear of our Lord Jesus Christ. God gives us chance after chance after chance but we take it all forgranted and we shouldn’t we should love the Lord for the sacrifice he made for us and yet we try to disprove it.(number2butthead@hotmail.com) if you have something of value to share with me then go ahead. I challenge you to prove me wrong!!!!!I bet I can do it and I’m only 15 yrs. old. You athiests study the bible sooo much more to try and disprove everything. Pray to god and he will be the rock in your life. – Lauren-ashley Reimer