Quote of the Day by Out there

Neither is there an ‘out there’, nor an ‘in here’. As, in both case the law of conservation of energy and momentum would be breached, if so.This also applies to Roman Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Christians, Skeptics, Politicians, Businessmen, Soldiers, Airplane Pilots etc. etc.Relax. – Out there

Quote of the Day by Thomas Neubig

When I was seven a nun told me I loved god so much that I would die for him – I left the church. When I was eighteen the recruiting sergeant told me that many have fought and died to keep this country free – so I joined the Army. – Thomas Neubig

Quote of the Day by NOT Voltaire

if we believe absurdities, we will commit atrocities or variations do not appear in any quotation book attributed to Voltaire or anybody else, or on Voltaire websites that I have checked.Quotations are more useful if they are pinned down to a particular work of an author. – NOT Voltaire