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Are you an atheist, skeptic, agnostic, or freethinker seeking like-minded community in the Miami Valley? Join us at one of our meetups.

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a society where reason and evidence guide individual and civic principles, and where none suffer prejudice for a commitment to rationality. Our mission is to nurture a community in the Miami Valley that values secular humanism, promotes and preserves freethought in the public square, provides supportive fellowship, and engages in humanitarian good works.

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Community Service & Activism

Freethought Dayton supports a number of community related and charitable activities. We donate blood. We have adopted a highway. We support Out of the Darkness. We support several families each year through Dayton Hopefull. And so much more...

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Latest Posts

Quote of the Day by Marin Basarbov 15yrs

So…God created earth?…ok..but now we now it aint just earth but the moon also…what?He created it too? Yeah but according to up-to date researches there is an entire universe out there- yeah..let me guess-god probably created it too?Religion has to change expand and evolve in order to sustain the lies in it.Basicly everything new discovered is immediately claimed and counted as Gods creation…even though we didnt even knew about it – Marin Basarbov 15yrs

Quote of the Day by Brady Begin

A friend of mine (who is Christian) recently told me that the difference between a world with God and a world without is hope and healing. Which I find extremely childish. Saying you need God for hope and healing is the same thing as saying you need a parent to hold your hand and give you a band-aid when you’re hurt. – Brady Begin

Quote of the Day by Naes Blacklen

Why did God decide to call Earth, Earth, when 70% of the surface is water and the centre is molten hot iron and nickle.Silly sausage. He must have been tired after making the universe in 7 days. Eventhough if he was all powerfull he could have saved himself some time and done it in under a nano second. Looking back now he must be so embarresed. – Naes Blacklen


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