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Are you an atheist, skeptic, agnostic, or freethinker seeking like-minded community in the Miami Valley? Join us at one of our meetups.

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a society where reason and evidence guide individual and civic principles, and where none suffer prejudice for a commitment to rationality. Our mission is to nurture a community in the Miami Valley that values secular humanism, promotes and preserves freethought in the public square, provides supportive fellowship, and engages in humanitarian good works.

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Community Service & Activism

Freethought Dayton supports a number of community related and charitable activities. We donate blood. We have adopted a highway. We support Out of the Darkness. We support several families each year through Dayton Hopefull. And so much more...

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Latest Posts

Chew on that!

“By analyzing teeth and carbon remains from isotopes from fossil specimen Australopithecus sediba, German scientists discovered early humanity chewed bark…”

Nonbelievers Who Aren’t Atheists?

“If you don’t believe in any gods, you are an atheist, right? This definition seems pretty basic, not the kind of material that requires an advanced degree in theology to understand.

But apparently it isn’t accurate. In fact, as I circulate in the secular movement on a daily basis, I frequently meet nonbelievers who are unwilling to identify as atheists.”

-from Nonbelievers Who Aren’t Atheists?

I personally wear the “atheist” label proudly, and although I also consider myself a skeptic and a humanist, I feel that atheist is my primary identifier. Many people, even many nonbelievers, find this idea distasteful. In this brief article, Dave Niose, president of the American Humanist Association, argues for wider use of the atheist identifier, and greater honesty from those who shun it. What do you think?

(Written by Cate)


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