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Are you an atheist, skeptic, agnostic, or freethinker seeking like-minded community in the Miami Valley? Join us at one of our meetups.

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a society where reason and evidence guide individual and civic principles, and where none suffer prejudice for a commitment to rationality. Our mission is to nurture a community in the Miami Valley that values secular humanism, promotes and preserves freethought in the public square, provides supportive fellowship, and engages in humanitarian good works.

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Community Service & Activism

Freethought Dayton supports a number of community related and charitable activities. We donate blood. We have adopted a highway. We support Out of the Darkness. We support several families each year through Dayton Hopefull. And so much more...

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Latest Posts

Freethought Dayton – Position Paper on Science and Superstition

Generally, we hold that science and other empirical methods of discovery are the best, most reliable, ways to understand our existence.

Humankind relied on superstition and mythology as its means of acquiring knowledge for many thousands of years. The outcomes of this type of thinking were not good.

When people relied on religion as a means to diagnose and treat disease, humanity suffered from plagues, high infant mortality, and short life expectancy.

When people relied on religion to inform social and international relations, humanity suffered oppression, slavery, warfare, and genocide.

When people relied on religion as the primary means of understanding our natural world, humanity labored under such theories as the heliocentric universe, homunculi, and demonic possession.

Our discussion of epistemology (the branch of philosophy that deals with the ways in which people develop knowledge) does not necessarily reject non-empiricism. We recognize that some great discoveries have come about through such inexplicable means as dreams, inspiration, art, or guesswork. We appreciate that life is not exclusively rational, and therefore we’re open to emotive experience and a sense of wonder that some might call spiritual. But when science and non-science don’t agree, science has led us to truth far more often than the other methods—and so we choose to rely on science.

Our position papers are meant to express the official opinion of Freethought Dayton for purposes of public relations and education. Individual members may hold different viewpoints.

Freethought Dayton – Position Paper on Religion

Freethought Dayton is an organization for the non-religious and non-superstitious. We do not necessarily deny membership to all religious beliefs—we have had participants who identified with Taoistm or Humanistic Judaism, for example. We do not include members of theistic religions such as Christianity, Islam or Ortthodox/Reform Judaism.

As Freethinkers, we hold two general propositions relevant to religion.

  • We support individuals’ rights to believe whatever they choose, and to express those beliefs in appropriate forums.
  • We reject dogma, and we insist that to criticize any belief on a rational basis is not only essential for human progress, but is a sign of respect.

We do not seek to eliminate all religion. Instead, we hope to initiate dialogues through which misconceptions about atheism—such as the often-repeated notion that atheists are inherently immoral—may be corrected. Our goal is to promote greater tolerance and acceptance of those who do not believe in god(s).

We recognize that organized religion does confer certain benefits upon believers. Organized religion gives its participants a network of like-minded people who may be called upon for companionship, support, and public advocacy. We hope to provide those benefits for the non-religious through our organization.

It should be acknowledged that religion is not inevitably good or desirable. A clear view of history shows that religion has often been used as a pretext, if not as an inspiration, for some of the greatest evils experienced by humankind. Accepting diversity in faith—including acceptance of those who reject faith—is the best antidote to the excesses and abuses to which the religious have been often been prone.

Our position papers are meant to express the official opinion of Freethought Dayton for purposes of public relations and education. Individual members may hold different viewpoints.

Highway Cleanup

About three times a year, members of Freethought Dayton clean up a stretch of 675. This is just one way Freethought Dayton members are helping the larger community.

It’s not all work… after about two hours or so of work we normally head to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

No one is obligated to participate, but if you have any interest at all in helping, you will need to complete DOT training.

Are you interested in helping us out? Find out more about Freethought Dayton’s community service initiatives on our meetup site.


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