Reason Rally in the rain!

Freethought Dayton came out in big numbers and  made a big splash at the Reason Rally yesterday.  It was an incredible day jam-packed with one amazing thing after another. Below is a quick news piece about the event.



Here are some highlights:

Tim Minchin somehow avoided the censors and entertained us with his wild songs and his dirty mouth.

Richard Dawkins was welcomed to the colonies with great enthusiasm. His speechwas also well received…

There was an issue with the Hitchens video tribute. I’m sure they’ll post it soon… While we wait for that, here’s another tribute video.

Some Christians were there… most of them were protesting us. I’m not really sure why.

I walked over to the circus of protestors (exit stage left). Weirdly enough I had no real interest in engaging them in debate or discussion. Like me, most of us were probably really there to celebrate and to rally. But some people had some fun (wasting time) arguing with young-earthers and spiritualists.

In the afternoon it seemed to get progressively colder. The rain continued but we hung in there… Later in the day Tim Minchin stepped in and helped warm us all up… then Eddie Izzard entertained us with his special comedic offerings.

Speaker after speaker blew us away with profound, funny or interesting words, ideas, and performances…

Here are some pictures from the event.

Where you there? Tell us about the rally and the trip.

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